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Increase your digital trust. Increase your engagement.
IHUBApp Newsletters Change Everything


Whenever a new reader registers to interact with your free app, they are automatically added to a user management console, allowing you to build an email list that you can trust.

You can view a user's membership to channels and their most recent activity.

As your users opt-in to the registration process of your free app, you can rest assured that you're building a trusted email list, and that they will only receive content that they are directly interested in



Consistency is key to building a strong relationship with your audience, and the IHUBApp's automated newsletters pull your latest promotions, coupons, or deals every week.

With the IHUBApp, there's no need to worry about inconsistent delivery since the app ensures that readers see fresh content of their interest at the time they have selected.


Through your free branded app, your audience can subscribe to their interests. The app automatically requests registration for any interaction and ensures that they agree to be notified.

By segmenting your content into different categories and channels, the app can ensure that subscribers only receive relevant content, increasing the likelihood of engagement with the newsletter.


Using newsletters alone to communicate is no longer enough in today's world. With the rise of mobile devices and app usage, communicators must make their content available via an app to reach a wider audience.

By having a free app, you can engage with your audience wherever they are, at any time, and provide them with an immersive and interactive experience.

Additionally, the IHUBApp provides valuable data and insights on user behavior, enabling you to refine your content and engagement strategies to better meet your audience's needs



Learn how Stephanie Kirk helped guide her Council to greater engagement!


Stephanie Kirk.png

"I first became passionate about Scouting as a Girl Scout when I started off as a Brownie. I remember I couldn't wait to sell cookies as a Junior and was a top seller in my troop (paying to go to camp) and I bridged over into Cadettes. 
Now, as an adult I have spent the last 17 years volunteering and working full-time in the Scouting community. As a communications specialist, I understand first-hand the communication challenges that staff and volunteers have in communicating with parents and units.

Four years ago, our team was introduced to the IHUBApp designed by InspireHUB. We had tried many different solutions before we encountered this platform and were skeptical of adding yet "another new technology" into the mix. We already had so much to do! Who has time to learn another technology?

Learning to use the IHUBApp was super easy and within weeks of using the technology I was finding time savings in my day. The amount of time I gained back was so significant that we ended up changing my role and where I spent my time. 

While I was finding new found freedom, we were also seeing other communication changes. Like many councils, we were using multiple tools and trying to "keep up" with all the different ways of communicating out to different audiences. Now, we finally had an app and our "source of truth". What started off as a small few channels in our app grew to become an entire hub. Thankfully the platform that our app is built on is meant to scale and eventually we ended up leveraging the website and other robust capabilities to our advantage.

Recently, we completed a side-by-side study comparing our hub against our previous website engagement. We discovered that we had a 195% increase over the best year of pageviews for our previous website! Today, our hub receives so much use and traffic that recently we've encountered businesses who are inquiring about promoting their services into our council community. We never had a "website" or "email tool" do that for us! We're now exploring what it will look like for us to partner with brand sponsors in continuing to support the good work of our staff and volunteers.

The best decision we made was to start small and build upon our success. We've been thrilled to help bring this solution to other councils over the years. Now we are so excited to introduce an even more affordable solution for councils just getting started. The IHUBApp Automated Newsletters is an affordable way to get started using the platform and focuses in on just the main features that made the biggest difference to us when we first started.

If you are an organization who has only one staff or volunteer responsible for all communications, or if you have no designated person or communication plan,  then the IHUBApp will be one of the best investments you make! I know it was for us!

Stephanie Kirk
Communication Specialist - Circle Ten Council
17 Years with Scouting

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